Multiple Commands

Posted: March 7, 2007 in Performance & Judging

A few weeks ago we had some discussion about multiple commands. At the judges’ seminar Marie and I attended, the AKC field rep gave as example a handler repeating “stay” on the Sit-Stay-Walk Around. “You can’t do that” he said.

According to AKC Rally Introduction
“Unlimited communication from the handler to the dog is to be encouraged and not penalized. Unless otherwise specified in these Regulations, handlers are permitted to talk, praise, encourage, clap their hands, pat their legs, or use any verbal means of encouragement. Multiple commands and/or signals using one or both arms and hands are allowed; the handler’s arms need not be maintained in any particular position at any time. The handler may not touch the dog or make physical corrections. At any time during the performance, loud or harsh commands or intimidating signals will be penalized.”

So here is a clarification from the AKC.

A judge may find, based on the use of commands over and over again, to deduct points from a score. For example: Excessive commands used over and over could be scored based on the dog not responding.

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