Try, Try Again

Posted: May 1, 2007 in Performance & Judging

Last week in class we practiced do-overs. Why is that something we should practice? So that when you’re in the middle of a course and you suddenly realize you missed an element, you have a plan for recovery.You lose 3 points for each retry and you only get 2 retries, or a total of 3 attempts.

What’s the protocol? It will likely be very apparent to the judge that you are making a new attempt. If it makes you feel better, you can say something out loud to your dog like “Whoops, let’s try that again.” Don’t expect the judge to acknowledge that because they cannot give you any feedback while you’re in the middle of the course.There you are at the station and the sign is Halt, Down, Walk-Around. If your dog gets up from the Down before you return to heel position, this may be scored as -10 for Improper Performance or possibly an NQ. At this point you can’t just give your dog another Down command. Instead, make a Left About go back several steps and approach the station again. Always give yourself at least three steps to approach the station on retries.What if you completely miss the station? As long as you remember before you get to the next station, you can go back and retry. However, once you complete a station there is no going back to the previous one.

Okay Example: you’re on your way to 8 and realize you never did 7. Turn around right there and go back almost to 6. Approach 7 and complete then continue on to 8.

NQ Example: you’re half way through 8 and realize you never did 7. Too bad.

  1. its got to be the dog!

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