Rally Quiz 4

Posted: March 27, 2010 in Rally Quiz

As the team reached the Stop and Down Sherie paused, said “Down” and started to move around Delilah to the left. Delilah’s back end hit the ground as Sherie passed the dog’s left flank. She finished circling the dog, said “Heel” and the team moved forward. Later, Sherie was surprised to learn they had received a 10 point deduction for that exercise. Why would that be?

  1. Lee J. says:

    Because Delilah was not altoether finished with her part of the “down” before Sherie past more than half way around her dog. The team was judged not in sync during that part of the overall exercise.

  2. Karrilynn Stachowicz says:

    The dog was not completely in the down position before she walked around her

  3. Ruthie says:

    Wrong exercise handler doesn’t walk around dig on stop and down only Moving down walk around. Even if handler had not walked around dog is to go straight to down not dot first.

  4. Johnf470 says:

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