Something Completely Fun

Posted: March 29, 2010 in Trials, Matches and Run throughs

There will be a C-WAGS Rally trial April 10 and 11 in South Elgin. Canine – Work and Games LLC is a fun and friendly rally venue with helpful signs and tricky moves. Just try and do a parallel left about turn with a side switch. (It helps if you dog knows how to spin on cue.) Whenever I’ve taken a C-WAGS class we spend most of our time laughing.

Cluny and I like the Zoom class best…no sits! Onchu prefers ARF with jumps and tunnels.

 Although your dog must be registered with C-WAGS, you can do that the day of the trial or enter as FEO (exhibition only). FEO scores won’t count toward a title. You don’t have to work your way through the levels, as in every other venue, so all you over-achievers can start at the Advanced level if you want. 

Go to for rules and event details.


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