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We all waste plenty of time watching YouTube videos of people doing rally so it was only a matter of time. And now the time has come –  Cyber Rally!

  • Entry is by video.
  • There are five levels.
  • Leashes are optional at all levels
  • Lots of flexibility in choosing courses, ring size, etc.
  • No entry deadlines.
  • Courses are challenging.
  • Many signs are found nowhere else.

This sounds like it could be a good thing for the shy and reactive dogs or teams that thought they could never go to a trial

The web site is not yet complete but you can learn more about it at the Cyber Rally yahoo group

Levels I, II, and III signs and descriptions plus courses  are posted in the Files section there.

So, during the next blizzard, we can all sit home and make Cyber Rally videos….nice way to spend a weekend.

There will be a C-WAGS Rally trial April 10 and 11 in South Elgin. Canine – Work and Games LLC is a fun and friendly rally venue with helpful signs and tricky moves. Just try and do a parallel left about turn with a side switch. (It helps if you dog knows how to spin on cue.) Whenever I’ve taken a C-WAGS class we spend most of our time laughing.

Cluny and I like the Zoom class best…no sits! Onchu prefers ARF with jumps and tunnels.

 Although your dog must be registered with C-WAGS, you can do that the day of the trial or enter as FEO (exhibition only). FEO scores won’t count toward a title. You don’t have to work your way through the levels, as in every other venue, so all you over-achievers can start at the Advanced level if you want. 

Go to for rules and event details.