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A former student dropped in to class this week. When showing over the weekend, the dog refused a jump so that’s what they wanted to work on. Simple course, only 12 signs with a few from each level plus a jump.

This is an RAE3 team so dog and handler definitely¬†know their way around a course. I stood outside the ring watching. Approaching station 7, handler cues the dog to Stay then begins walking around. Dog sits. Handler goes back, approaches the sign again, same result. “Stop” I called. “If he’s not getting it, then come outside the ring and work that move separately.”

Which they did.

“He’s got it” handler assured me. They start off on the course, little dog chugging alongside. But at station 7 it’s the same thing. Handler cues Stay, dog Sits.

I march out on the course to look at things from the dog’s perspective. “There must be something confusing him. Are you doing anything different with your hand signal?”

The team heads toward the station. I peer over at the sign.

“How many Rally trials have you shown in?” I ask the handler. “Read that sign.”

Halt – Stand – Walk Around

The dog had it right the whole time.